I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the election coverage on CNN this year, but they are using some very high technology.

John King of CNN takes presents The Wall for viewers.

John King of CNN takes presents "The Wall" for viewers.

In their new set of high-tec on-screen gadgets, CNN pushes all kinds of data through a device called “the wall”. “The Wall” is a touch sensitive screen where the user can manipulate graphics that are associated with data types, measurements, and counts. The device was devloped by Jeff Han, 32, who was a researcher at New York State University. He’s started his own company called, Perceptive Pixel which now markets the device. A stripped down device of this type will cost you about a hundred g’s.

To me, this just looks so futuristic; i.e., “Minority Report”, “Star Trek”, etc.

CNN has also started running a technology during the debates at the bottom of the screen that shows the positive or negative results from the audience. The results are graphically displayed much like that of a Windows CPU monitor app. I don’t know how the feedback gets fed into the system that displays the data though. Maybe this is something like “Star Search” back in the day where they poll the audience. Awesome!

In summary, a high-tec election which is revealing the way information will be displayed in future television programming.

This certainly isn’t the best video of “The Wall”, but you’ll get the idea.

Kirkland, out

factual information about Jeff Han and The Wall taken from the New York Times website.

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