Unfotuantely, I haven’t been able to blog much lately or work on my other website. I’m working on an intense, Flash based virtual tours website for the State Capitol and its grounds. While I feel the final product will be white hot, the time spent away from my family has not been fun. I am learning a lot all the way through this multimedia beast though. I’ve been sick and almost dead, but I’m drinking a lot of the Odwalla Super Protein Smoothies.

These get me though

These get me though.

These seem to get me to late night without many side effects. The energy is unbelievable and they are vegan. I hope to be finishing up my portfolio and website soon. I did enjoy being home on Thanksgiving with my family.

There were many highlights, including hearing Taylor Mead talk about Andy Warhol on Ovation TV’s Warhol Week which was a Christmas present given early!

I look forward to getting back to life soon, after my project’s done. Links coming soon!

In other news, my blog was hacked by someone overseas. I didn’t know I was that interesting. I fixed it and I’m implementing new security, uh yeah, after my project is done. Hack away haters!

Protecting my .htaccess file, Dick

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