Back in the 80s on West Broad here in Richmond, we had one of these restaurants.

I had been looking for it a while back, because it was so 80s I wanted to revisit it.

Turns out, it was bigger than I can remember, (probably because I was all of 7 years old). Anyway, D’Lites was kind of like an 80s Panera. You could go and get some fast food that was healthy.

I found an article where they were cited and the image above is of one of their stock certificates.

I can remember going there and thinking that it was really different. There were Alfalfa sprouts on my burger with a huge Wheat Bun and I think there was a lot of fruit.

It’s funny, but D’Lites could probably make a fantastic comeback as folks are sort of interested in being healthy nowadays.

I don’t really know why this is important to me, and it probably won’t be to anyone else.

I seem to have an affinity for things that get stomped out or are dead.

In a related thread, I want these shoes from ’81. The orange ones of course. There’s just something about a gum sole. MMM, delicious and vegan too.

I’m hoping to make it outside this weekend. I’m training in PHP with Lynda.com and hope to place this knowledge into my code ninja skill set soon.

I also need to wash my car.

One Response to “D’Lites and 1981”

  1. I was just looking up some old articles on D’Lites, and came across this post on your blog-it was just nice to hear someone say nice things about it. My dad, Doug Sheley, started D’Lites.

    Thanks again,

    A. Stanley-Sheley

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