MMMMM Melody

MMMMM Melody

Last week I was finally able to get out of some audio workflow and listen to some tunes while at work. I came upon this article which has now been added to my wants list.

While listening to the tracks from LaLa, I heard rhythms with arrangement that I was accustomed to.

It seems as though my favorite French brothers electronic have also heard of Mr. Gainsbourg.

Sometimes it’s disappointing to find that one of your favorite artists has mimicked another. In this case, I am happy though, as in their usual fashion, Air push the limits of the digital and organic mixture.

All of this has got me wondering if there is a lot of Frenchness that I’ve missed out on. And also, is Charlotte Serge’s daughter?

The backdrop of this concept album is supposed to be very dark and sinful, but I’ll let you read about that.

Hats off to Pitchfork for presenting “instant gratification” articles with text accompanied by the LaLa playlists for the media being reviewed.

Totally hot.

Googling now.

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2 Responses to “Historie de Air?”

  1. deepa’s super psyched that you’re into this. (her mom is actually from France so deepa loooooves french pop… lemme know if you need any suggestions)

  2. I will, I will. Thanks bud. Hope you’re doing well.

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