While heading out of France, (my series of blogs about French related inspiration), I couldn’t forget one of my new favorite songs.

I was turned on to this tune when watching the intro film, “Hotel Chevalier” for the newest Wes Anderson movie, “The Darjeeling Limited”, which has an awesome soundtrack filled with Indian and Kinks gems. The movie is quite funny/interesting, if you like Wes Anderson stuff. Also, the intro short film is very much like the lyrics in the song below and vice versa. The short is interwoven into the full feature at times too. This song is all about a poor girl who joins the “jet set”. The accordions and strings in it remind me of walking around in the only Europe I’ve been in, which is at Busch Gardens. :) There are other versions of the video on YouTube, but who doesn’t love the visuals of Beat Club?

Peter Starstedt – Where do you go to my lovely?

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