After about a year and a half, I’ve been able to release a new website. The site is a collection of the efforts of many. Historians, proofers, and staff from the General Assembly all helped in the creation of this new educational tool which includes SOL components. The website is a virtual tours application where visitors of all ages can learn about Virginia’s Capitol and its grounds in great detail. The application is faceted, allowing users to explore the venues with educational, historic, and restoration viewpoints. The site also allows students and other visitors to experience this historic treasure in these tough economic times where they may not be able to physically visit. Much of the work was done by myself along with my co-worker and friend, Maryann Horch.

The product is something for which I’m proud and grateful to have been a part of. It’s funny how when you’re involved in a huge project that you’re all set up for and trained to do, you come across scenarios and challenges you would have never though of yourself doing. Sure, I learned a lot of new high technology techniques to be able to produce the site, but I equally had a lot of education on the business end on this one. A lot of “people skill” stuff that was great to take in.

I listened to this a lot in '08.

I listened to this a lot in '08.

The project has been powered by various things, The Walkmen’s, “You and Me”, Odwalla Super Protein, and at first, lots of Vanilla Coke.

It’s been so long in the making that I just had to share.

It will be good to see my family more.

I will also be preparing a new version of my self-promotional website complete with a new portfolio of current work.

Go here if you get a chance and take a tour. You need Flash to see it.

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