The Walrus in NYC!

The Walrus in NYC!

Well, they’re not that old. In celebration of my Beatlehead wife’s completion of another tough schoolyear, we’re going to see Paul McCartney together.
She loves Paul and has turned me into a much bigger Beatle fan over the years. We’ll be traveling to New York City which I’m stoked about. I usually end up there on business, so to be free will be great.
The show is one of the inaugural events for the new Mets venue, Citi Field. The Beatles also performed this same service when they christened Shea in 1965.

My favorite recording artist is Bob Dylan. The week after Paul performs, he will be continuing the “baseball” tours he did back a couple of years ago. He’ll be in Norfolk and so will I. :)

The show will serve as what I think is a grand climax in recent Dylan obsessions. From “I’m not there” (my favorite movie ever) to listening to as much as I’ve never heard on LaLa, I can’t wait for his appearance. Dylan is my quintessential American artist hero person, along with Warhol of course. :)

In other news, I’m working hard to be an expert at PHP. WP 2.8 is smooth as silk, and I still haven’t figured out a way to stop time to do all that I want.

Still Inspired!

I guess you could just call it “greatest music ever month”.

The video below is one that I play over and over. Masked and anonymous is such a great film too. I love the monologue in the beginning. The eternal mystic. Enjoy.

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