I wanted to share notice of the Ovation channel’s annual American Revolutionaries series. I think this is the final week, but it’s worth catching if you can. Blues, Jazz, Rock and everything else intertwine, telling the stories of American music and how it really got to be what it is today.

Son House ~ I never knew that he had influence on Robert Johnson.

Son House ~ ex. I never knew that he had influence on Robert Johnson.

I am very impressed with the programming, and have learned a few things that I didn’t know before on subjects which I thought I had down.

I’ve got so much going on I’ll probably end up renting most of them on Netflix and watch them on my own time. The blues docs are done exceptionally well, especially since most of them seem older.

This film is relevant and also has a great soundtrack. Maybe I’ll watch it again soon.

I’m fixin’ to get all of my smithsonian folkways albums and guitar out soon.

BTW, Ovation has a great online community that I often get emails from but haven’t had time to look at. You can chat it up and share with the greatest of art/rock snobs.

Enjoy it if you can.

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