Damn, it’s hot in New York during July! Missy and I went to see the sights and Paul McCartney last weekend.
It was a good trip. We missed our little bean and are glad to be back with her now.
Below are some highlights, including the concert.

We have a new private joke now when we make meals. “See this meal, you’d pay $XXX for this in New York.” This is because it was crazy expensive to eat there.

We didn’t see anyone famous, but we saw a lot of each other, and that was great.

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Paul appeared at the Ed Sullivan theater during the week as well. The Beatles first rocked Ed Sullivan on their first visit to America in 1964.

There were really great visuals at the show along with pyrotechnics! I really like “sing the changes”.

Another version of “sing the changes” at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

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  1. Hope you guys had a good time. We ran into the same mini-bar BS in Vegas. How can you take back leftovers if you can’t fit them in the minibar?

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