Andy Warhol once said that in the future everyone would be so busy that we’d all have to take amphetamines to keep up with the times. As factory fans know, Andy was already doing so.

I guess he was half right, because it seems like today there are so many people getting pick me-ups from Starbucks or some other venue.

Pure delicious energy

Pure delicious energy

I have recently joined the ranks of said drinkers. I don’t regularly drink much caffeine, so the last few weeks have been quite a change for me. I’ve been trying to learn some intense stuff and getting up very early to do it. My drug/drink of choice is the Iced Caffè Mocha with Soy Milk, still taking the whipped cream. I still consider myself vegan I guess, but I’ve been slipping a bit lately.

Being quite the newb, I didn’t even know what to ask for or how at SB. I found the vernacular, abbreviations, and culture a bit intimidating, though I’ve found the staff at River Road II (reprezent!) to be very nice and accommodating. This could also be because I’ve been rather chatty and pepped up. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it to “customer of the week” and get my signature beverage everyday for a week?

    Notes from a new connoisseur

  • A Caffè Mocha from Barnes & Noble (satelite SB) does not taste as good as my standalone location.
  • Staff at SB have to listen to the newly released albums you see at the “impulse” section over and over.
  • Tall means small and they rhyme.
  • If you take your SB receipt to any SB location after 2, you can get any iced treat for 2$ (cheap – through 9/09 I think). This is called a “treat receipt”.

In other news, David Flanagan, author of this acclaimed masterwork actually returned an email from me today. Rad.

Doin’ mad work!


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