Dick on October 30th, 2010

Phil Meggs, and many mentors over time, were always saying how important it is to keep an archive of inspiration, or a visual journal. I remember some discussion of the fact that when you’re always on and “capturing”, it’s easy to forget moments that you could build on creatively. While most of my drawings currently […]

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Dick on October 20th, 2010

While this album came out a while ago, I’ve been looping on it a lot lately. For some reason, it really feels like Fall to me. Then again, so does a lot of dark electronica. On this release, M83, (Anthony Gonzalez and co.) create tunes that make all 30+ers’ hearts flutter. The album’s imagery, storylines […]

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Dick on October 8th, 2010

Sometimes I get so busy with new technology and work that I forget about my own online presence and creative needs. This makes me sad. So, I’ve knocked the dust off of some things that I love. To freshen things up, I’m launching a new portfolio and changes on this blog that include social media […]

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Dick on October 8th, 2010

Well, I think it’ll be mine anyway. If you’re an indie audiophile, you’re probably familiar with B&S. I frequently celebrate their entire catalogue. Belle and Sebastian frequently write about love, discontent, and victims of circumstance, most of which I relate to quite heavily. I’m sure the album will come in a mulit-dimensional choice list of […]

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