Well, I think it’ll be mine anyway.

If you’re an indie audiophile, you’re probably familiar with B&S.

I frequently celebrate their entire catalogue.

Belle and Sebastian frequently write about love, discontent, and victims of circumstance, most of which I relate to quite heavily.

I’m sure the album will come in a mulit-dimensional choice list of formats, but with there famed production skill, will always sound best on vinyl. I can’t wait to hear this new collection of stories set to lush, orchestral, europop opuses. I especially like the part of the film where they’re being criticized for an all too soon use of social media. That and of course hearing Mr. Murdoch roll on about anything.

Also, in all of the marketing mastery to rock snobs, the band is holding a contest where they will write a song for you and release it on a 7″.

Superfans, enjoy.

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