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I'm full of creative energy.

Sometimes I get so busy with new technology and work that I forget about my own online presence and creative needs. This makes me sad.

So, I’ve knocked the dust off of some things that I love.

To freshen things up, I’m launching a new portfolio and changes on this blog that include social media integration along with navigation improvements using my new favorite JavaScript goodness, the jQuery UI.

A list of my favorite social media sites can be found at the right of this page and also on my portfolio. If you’ve seen me on the internet before, press refresh and be refreshed.

I’ll be blogging a lot more in the future, probably about nerdy web dev stuff and music of course. Feel free to buzz me up, “like” or “tweet” anything on this blog to place it on your own places on the internets.

If you don’t have it, you’ll need the Adobe Flash Player to see my portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by.

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