M83 - Saturdays = Youth

If you grew up in the 80s, this imagery probably makes sense.

While this album came out a while ago, I’ve been looping on it a lot lately. For some reason, it really feels like Fall to me. Then again, so does a lot of dark electronica.

On this release, M83, (Anthony Gonzalez and co.) create tunes that make all 30+ers’ hearts flutter. The album’s imagery, storylines and characters are largely based on John Hughes like films, which Mr. Gonzalez testifies to. (2nd vid)

I just think this piece of art is way underrated. It might not be one you can pop into and start singing along with, but it’s atmosphere is very special, especially if you have some connection to the 80s.

I posted some good highlights below from Pitchfork TV’s “Juan’s Basement”, which unfortunately seems to be out of production. You can always see the full blown show here though.


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