This is a really simple idea, so I’ll be brief. If you happen to have existing Flash applications on the web that need to be used with touch or a similar touch screen technology, ex. a kiosk, you can do so using some of the new touch screen desktops that are coming onto the scene. This presentation of the apps solves the issue of small or non-profit/government agencies being able to get into the touch venue with a low entry cost. Sure, there are several tools to wrap Flash (and HTML/CSS/Javascript workflows) up into Objective C for this use. However, if your client is not interested in incurring additional expense to perform an app conversion or slight redesign, they can go from zero to fully functional kiosk in no time. There still needs to be some sort of lock down layer to prevent other functionality of the Windows OS from being accessed, but I’m sure someone’s already built something for this. Note, this example shown in IE9 to display the scenario that the machine is truly ready for this out of the box. I’m still an open source web standards evangelist at heart. Now go get those low funded 501-3c’s online!

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