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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been quite obsessed with 60s sounds and studio production. I’ve found that this interest often gets intertwined with my love of Los Angeles. A lot of the famous records by folks like Phil Spector and Brian Wilson were produced there. And in the milestones set by the Beach Boys, a lot of the songs are about fun in the sun.

Brian Wilson is one of my favorite musicians. In my opinion, he is also one of the best arrangers and producers ever. I created this post and its accompanying playlist on my YouTube channel because I love his music. Besides this, I also got some deep inspiration that really hit home from watching the interviews. Mr. Wilson had a troubled life. In a lot of the interviews, he speaks of how you could always dwell on bad things that have happened, but you can still be strong enough to believe in pressing on with the good things you still have. To survive being deaf in one ear, going through the entanglements of addiction, and mind control by a shrink, and still be on top when it comes to living for yourself and your family is pretty impressive. Go Brian. Go Beach Boys.

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