Dick Kirkland, open source animal.

Dick Kirkland, open source animal.

I’m Dick Kirkland and this is my blog.  I’m very interested in all things creative, especially those involving technology and music.

While my regular web address will be for self promotion and display of my multimedia portfolio, my blog is used as a space to archive, share, and look back on inspiration and memories. Join me on the adventure and leave some comments. Feel free to contact me.

The formal stuff:
I’m a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Web Developer located in Richmond, Virginia.  I’m a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.  I received my degree in the Communication Arts and Design Department with multi-disciplinary concentrations in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Electronic Animation.  I’ve always pursued my creative development this way, to be able to better express myself visually in a variety of ways and media.
I’ve worked for over 12 years in this field for both small organizations and corporate clients, in the public and private sectors.  While in schools and at various workplaces, I’ve done many different types of creative work for print, web, and multimedia.  The skillset that I have built has helped me in a career in which industry standards can change daily.

The Fun Stuff:
I am a musician as well as an artist. I love all music and play when I’m not wrapped up in the techno world. I have an extensive collection of indie rock, though deep down I’m a country blues boy. I love all Adobe Creative Suite apps. I’m currently studying Ecma languages, including Object Oriented Javascript, and mastering the jQuery and jQuery UI libraries for a truly unobtrusive use of JavaScript. If you can’t tell, I’m also way into WordPress, PHP, and Open Source projects as a whole.

Don’t see your picture next to your comments on my blog or others? That’s because you haven’t gone here yet.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Deep down country blues boy huh? You should check out William Elliot Whitmore if you do not already know who he is. Coming to Canal Club in November. Skinny young white dude with the soulful voice of a 70 yr old black dude.

  2. Sounds hot! Only problem is, my little girl’l be callin! I’ll keep it in mind though. Peace.

  3. I was wonderin… where the cash at?

  4. I think we both know the answer to that. :)
    your bud,

  5. The little “C” looks great as a standalone.

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