Whether they are collaborations or relationships between client and provider, employee and supervisor and/or a team, I value them all.

I started freelance graphic design work while in college and eventually got full-time jobs in the field, which turned into a web design career.

Along the way, I’ve been able to help others with projects large and small.

On this path, I’ve tried to match my visual communication skills with interpersonal ones. Envisioning something for a client is usually second nature for a designer or developer, but making sure the customer or employer’s needs are met and understood are equally important on any project.

Whether on my own or with a team, I strive to listen to others and contribute to the conversation or issue at hand, helping to produce better product. I’m a very hard worker and committed to bringing assignments and projects to fruition, on time and on budget.

Team Experience

I feel fortunate to have worked with a great many talented coworkers at jobs I’ve had. While design and development skills are things I’ve learned from this group of people, I’ve also gleaned many other qualities from them as well. Seeing things from a different perspective and pursuing different methodologies in seeing a project to completion in another way are examples. Being part of teams is something I got lucky with in my career.

Fun With Teams:

  • Worked in a team to reinvent a store identity for a large electronics chain
  • Team involvement in a large committee group of state agency stakeholders to design and develop a website and prorpietary Content Management System,
    (CMS), for Virginia’s legislature
  • Worked with smaller teams of backend developers to present their data in cohesive and branded web applications
  • Brainstormed in groups with other developers and users themselves to increase ease of user interaction & user experience (UI/UX) with web applications and websites
  • Led a team of video tagging & indexing staff, documented and helped troubleshoot errors with products along with network staff and outside vendors
  • Have pinch-hit with others in an IT team to troubleshoot issues with mobile and desktop machines, (Mac and PC), acting as help desk support
  • Taking calls when necessary to help hardware and help desk support
  • Documenting workflows with teams using Markdown, continuing to explore GitHub’s wiki functionality using emojis when possible, trying not to bore others with lengthy, but necessary docs for team colaboration.

Team communication is key, and as you can see, we use chat a lot about our projects and challenges on Slack
Team communication is key, and as you can see, this team chats a lot about our projects and challenges on Slack.