Besides working with websites, I’m also a graphic designer. Before the internet got big, my first jobs were those in designing advertising and promotional materials for catalogs, retail store environments, and standalone print pieces for companies large and small.

Design and Illustration are some of my greatest passions. Throughout my education and career, learning different processes in graphic design helped lay the groundwork for larger projects using systems design, typography, and layout.

I know much about digital pre-press processes and designing for various substrates for pieces like those shown above.

Graphic Design in Smaller Printed Pieces

The following projects/sites may have analysis below or their own areas on this site for in-depth explanations.

National Conference of State Legislatutes Conferences Brochure

A staff resources publication offering information specific to certain departments of a large, non-profit organization, "at a glance", with links to a corresponding website for further research by staffers.

A staff resources publication offering information specific to certain departments of a large, non-profit
organization “at a glance” with links to a corresponding websites for further research by staffers. Durable, yet luxurious stocks were used to give the right impression while pieces hold up during conference use. Category tabs allow for quick access to information. Professional photography throughout along with a logo/device & system to show progression through categories in the piece. Subtle duotones show a personal emphasis on staff faces of all types, while allowing typography to make a strong impression and educating the reader.

Graphic Redesign and Illustration – Virginia State Capitol Brochure

I was recently tasked with a large redesign of a brochure that is given to all visitors of the Virginia State Capitol. Please visit the feature section for this project to learn more. The result is a great new product improved by a large group of stakeholders around Capitol Square.

Meriwether Lewis Memorial Bust Unveiling Program

Upscale, commemorative piece for the unveiling of a marble bust of Meriweather Lewis at the Capitol Building using, multi-level blind emboss, with metallic printing on parchment paper with and formal tassle - Imagery encircling blind emboss was another emboss printed with gold foil process

There have been several unveilings of Statuary in the Virginia State Capitol since its restoration and expansion. These are formal events where descendants and supporters of those to be commemorated are invited to a ceremony to see the new monument and/or statuary. Most of the programs for these ceremonies are very upscale in material and design. This particular piece, celebrating the memorial bust of the great explorer, Meriwether Lewis, wasn’t short on its bells and whistles. Engravings and illustrations on premium transparent vellum play a hide and seek game with the reader, leading up to the end of the memorial program where the bust was presented physically at the ceremony and in print. The ragged edge parchment held both a blind emboss of the bust’s appearance, encircled by another mult-level emboss overprinted with gold foil. The centerpiece below the bust was a custom illustration depicting a “Dogwood cardinal flower” along with other tools of exploration.

Design For Retail Spaces

Circuit City Stores Visual Merchandising

An example of space allocated in a large store, with thematic backgrounds and visual representations of technology

I was a Graphic and Store Designer for Circuit City Stores Inc., working in a team effort to design and produce a new identity and brand for the retail chain. This was called “Store of the Future”, with a strong focus on digital devices and phones. Besides designing and creating for the company itself, I also worked daily with designers and directors from several electronics manufacturers. I was usually tasked with coming up with creative solutions to help sell products in a retail environment. Most design work was a visual translation of the technology being advertised. (Seen in galleries)

Often At Circuit City, I created new logos and publications, as well as large scale exhibits, and store sign packages to push products and better enhance the visual identity of the retail chain. At a large corporation like this, it was fun to be able to mock up, prototype and deploy exhibits and sign packages on-site and across the country.

The challenge in designing for the chain was that most stores were not all “big box”, like those of the present. A lot of math and planogram work had to be done to figure out how different scenarios could be shown in locations that had a lot of space or just a little, ex. (NYC). My team created methodical solutions to cover a wide array of footprints, while still making impactful advertisements and keeping costs to a minimum.